90° and Beachin

When Santa Barbara and the weather is 90° and over the best thing to do is: sit back relax and enjoy the beach. 


On Wednesday my friend Sophie and I wanted to embrace the heat, lay down , and tan. I took this candid pic  right before she decided to jump down the rocks to our spot.

Before we laid down we smacked on some lotions and oils and toasted in the sun. It was truly a beautiful day ooutside.


I was trying to take a cute picture but Sophie wasn’t even looking.

After about an hour of sunbathing, I had to drive Soph back to school for lacrosse where she practiced in her bikini. Overall we had a great day!


What to do In Between Soccer Games!

This weekend I went to San Juan de Capistrano for a soccer tournament: National Cup. We only had one game on Saturday and one on Sunday. On Saturday we lost 6-0 to a team that was ranked 4th nationally, on Sunday we lost 1-0, we’re not a terrible team, this was just the first tournament we played together because we combined teams. Anyway, my mom and I stayed down there for the whole weekend so we had to find things to do!

Our hotel was about 8 minutes away from this HUGE mall in Irvine. It’s a girl’s paradise!

It was so hot that there were time’s I’d want to jump into the mall’s fountain.

For lunch my mom and I ate a California Pizza Kitchen, also known as CPK, she had the Chinese Salad and I had tacos, they were both really good!

After lunch we went to the movie theater and watched The Other Woman, it was really funny! If anyone wants to see it I’ll gladly join you.

We didn’t have any popcorn at the movie theater so we went and got a really cut yummy cupcake after.

The mall was so huge they needed traffic directors (or whatever they’re called).

I had a great time this past weekend. What do you do when you have sports games out of town? Comment below!





Ever since I received my license, it has become a tradition that every thursday I bundle up some friends and we cruise to Starbucks.

Some of my favorite drinks are:
-Grande Iced Starbucks, double shot, 2 pump vanilla with a splash of non-fat milk.
-Hot/Iced Vanilla Macchiato.
-Peppermint Mocha
-Very Berry Hibiscus Iced Tea. 

I usually pair one of those with a blueberry yogurt muffin.

Here’s a picture of Kaitlyn she was about to get in my car but I just had to capture the moment. First off she’s holding her starbucks and wearing floral. When you add a cheetah print wallet, a pink iphone, and pink sunglasses to the picture you get the ultimate white girl. You could say Kaitlyn is proof they exist, if you meet her you’ll know.

Here we have Sophie Tate, classic sporty white girl. Bows are her trademark. Sophie has gone with Kaitlyn and I for the past three weeks, it has been a blast!

Hey if anyone wants to join in on Thursdays, gimme a call and we’ll cruise in the gucc (lol the gucci fiat, another reason we are so white).

Comment if you ever go to Starbucks for late start! What’s your favorite drink?

Into the Mountains

 For the past two weeks, one of my besties Shane, has been house-sitting a good family friend’s house up in the mountains of Montecito. Even though it was a pretty cloudy day, you still had an incredible view and it was warm enough to dive in the pool and tan.

First we hopped into the jacuzzi, it was 104°, so we warmed up a lot. Sitting in a jacuzzi on top of a mountain with a great view isn’t bad at all.

Yup, not bad at all.

After the jacuzzi we jumped into the pool and went for a swim, it was really cold.

We didn’t like the cold much so aft6er about half an hour in the pool we went back into the steaming jacuzzi.

d about 4 pm we all started to get really hungry, Kaitlyn and I volunteered to make nachos. Everyone was super hungry. Sadly we couldn’t find where anything was so we made a plan to go to Tinkers in Summerland instead. I really recommend it, they have by far the best curley fries. Before going I had to give Dylan a ride home because his cousins were visiting. He was in a huge rush so I made sure to at least go 5mph under the limit to make sure he got home safe and sound. He wasn’t too happy about that. Tinkers was just the perfect way to end the day!

What’s you favorite burger place? Comment below!


So I said I’d write about this yesterday in my post from Wednesday but I wanted to keep you all on your toes.

After picking up Shane we picked up shane and headed over to Kaitlyn’s to set up for the celebration and wait for the guys, in this case , Max, Ben, and Dylan.


We all had delicious burgers at dinner at Kaitlyn’s house, ready at exactly 5:43. We also had yummy ice cream cake!


At 7:00 a limo showed up at her house to pick us up and drive us to Golf n Stuff!

When we got there we thought we already reserved or ticket for that night. The man at the desk told us we had no party reservation. Kaitlyn was freaking out till the man went to talk too the manager and they found out we accidentally made the reservation for another day. No worries though, they let us use them.



The first thing we did once we got our wristbands was cruise to the go-carts. The first time we all want alone, after a few rounds we started going in doubles. When Kaitlyn and I went together we got into a crash because I was cutting off a girl the Shane came and slammed us against her, it was awkward sitting there after a carting accident with a girl that you were tying to cut off.

After carting we went over to the laser tag section, it was fun but paintball is much more fun. In laser tag you don’t get much satisfaction.


We still had about fifteen minutes left so we  decided to rush through the mini golf course.

The limo drove us to Fabiane’s house where we spent the night. That might’ve ben by far the best sweet sixteen I’ve been to.

Have you ver been to a sweet sixteen party? How was it? Leave a comment below!

How to Spend a Fun Hour at the Beach


On a  hot Sunday Kaitlyn, Fabiane, and I wanted to do something fun so we decided to cruise to the beach in my convertible fiat. I can’t even say how much I love my car, it’s so fun, it’s perfect for me. The special edition Dre Beat speakers are just the icing on the cake. Enough about the car, above you can see the view from where we parked. Not bad, is it?

We got all our stuff out of the car and sprinted towards the beach for some fun! Once we layer out our towels we picked up a volleyball and passed it around for about fifteen minutes.


It was way too cold to go in the water, if we were in the mood I would’ve gone in anyway cuz yolo. Sadly we weren’t in the yoloing mood, we were in the walking mood. It’s really great to go on a nice long walk along the water with friends. In our case we talked so much we hadn’t even realized how far from our spot we wandered. After walking we decided to dip and cruise back to Kaitlyn’s house to jump in her warm pool. The beach is always a good place to spend your weekends.

What’s your favorite place to go on the weekends? Like this post if it’s the beach!


Kaitlyn and I are those girls who usually do the weirdest things for no reason. For example last saturday we decided to go shopping in big hoodies, sweats, and our aviator sunglasses.


It may not seem that funny to anyone else, but we got quite a kick out of it because we saw a few people we knew who didn’t recognize us. When were in the parking garage we saw my aunt who said we looked like hoodlums, my cousin, who was with her, asked if we just got back from a workout.


It was a super hot day (which may have been another reason people were staring…) So we decided to go to teavana and get a free sample of iced tea. The little sample wasn’t enough so we just decided to buy one, it was refreshing. The heat was really getting to us so we didn’t want to walk too far, we parked in a total of 5 parking lots within 4 hours.

aviator crew

After going downtown we went to pick up shane and went for a little drive, we became the aviator crew. You all get to see this picture sideways because that is how our fellow snapchatters received it.

Tomorrow I’ll write about the rest of our day: KAITLYN AND FABI’S SWEET SIXTEEN PARTY!

Stay tuned for more fun!